NEOdessisOC - coming soon

Antibacterial Silver Low Profile Spinal System

[deformities or curvatures , degenerative or pathologic disc diseases , pseudoarthrosis , spinal stenosis , spondylolisthesis , trauma(fracture or dislocation) , tumor]

Intended Use: The NEOdessisOC® spinal system is intended to contribute to the provision of the stabilization & immobility of segments of the occipital- cervical spine in order to facilitate fusion. The NEOdessisOC® system can also be used in combination with the NEOdessis® system for the thoracic, lumbar and /or sacral spine.

Product description: The NEOdessisOC® system includes occipital - cervical rods, self-tapping occipital –cervical screws, occipital plate & screws, transverse link and rod extenders. The NEOdessisOC® system is manufactured from medical grade titanium, which is coated black and with silver nanoparticle ions.

Indications: NEOdessisOC® is intended for the treatment of the following conditions confirmed by CT, MRI, or X-Ray imaging: degenerative or pathological disc disease, trauma (fracture or dislocation), tumor, spondylolisthesis, pseudarthrosis, Atlanto-axial fracture with instability, Occipitocervical dislocation ,spinal stenosis, and where previous cervical spine stabilization has failed to achieve fusion.

  • Low profile polyaxial & monoaxial screws.
  • Silver nanoparticle coating to combat implant associated infection.
  • Titanium black coated to reduce light reflection under microscope.
  • Wide selection of implants including cannulated polyaxial screws.
  • Sterile implants in single packaging.